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Trees are in various shapes, sizes, and forms. There are some species of trees that can only grow as tall as a street lamp posts while others can grow as tall as the skyscrapers in Dubai or New York. That is why there are various records about the tallest trees that can be found in different parts of the world.

In order to include a particular tree in this record, the height of the tree must be measured. The past few decades some of the measurements were given much exaggeration that is why the previous world records are not too reliable. But thanks to the modern gadgets as well as the perseverance of the tree climbers, they found out that the previous measurements were more than 5 up to 15 percent higher than the real size of these tallest trees.

One of which is the Sequoia sempervirens better known as the Coast Redwood. Some people also call this tree as the California Redwood as well. It is part of the cypress family which can live for more than two thousand years. This is one of the tree species that is considered as the tallest in the world. The height of the tallest Sequoia sempervirens measured up to 379.1 feet or 115.5 meters. On the other hand, the diameter of the Coast Redwood's trunk measures up to 26 feet or 8 meters. You can see more of this neck-breaking tree at the Redwood National Park in California.

From the same family comes another one of the tallest trees in the world. The Sequoiadendron giganteum or simply called as the Giant sequoia is indeed a fascinating wonder of nature. Also found in California, the Giant sequoia can reach 311.4 feet or 94.9 meters. But this particular giant tree is not only seen in United States but in other regions as well such as Europe, Canada, New Zealand, as well as Australia.

Still in California, is the Picea sitchensis or the Sitka Spruce. You can find a lot of it at the Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park located at the state. It is also as tall as the Giant sequoia since it measures 317.3 feet or 96.7 meters high. This is considered as the tallest coniferous tree that has a trunk diameter of 5 to 7 meters.

But not all of the tallest trees in the world can be seen in California. There are also gigantic trees located in Oregon as well including the Pseudotsuga menziesii or what others call as the Coast Douglas-fir. Although it is not as tall as the Coast Redwood, the Coast Douglas-fir is considered as the second tallest tree in the conifer family. This tree can reach be as high as 326.1 feet or 99.4 meters.

Last on the list is at the other part of the globe ? in Australia. In this country, it is not only the kangaroos that are popular but also the tallest tree in the country named Eucalyptus regnans or the Australian Mountain-ash. This can grow as big as 326.8 feet or 99.6 meters.

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Tallest Trees

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This article was published on 2010/01/26