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These are the types of tree stands which have the great option to move from one place to another place depending on the hunting conditions. Climber tree stands are most commonly used for deer hunting but also used in hunting of other animals as well. Climber tree stands have a climbing units and a seat. Before climbing the tree be sure that the both parts of climber tree stand accurately leveled, you can just strap the tree stand with the tree for your safety.
Structure of climber tree stands

Climber tree stand is almost made up of two parts one is the bottom part which is the standing platform and the second is the top part which is the seat and both the parts are connected with each other by means of a strap so if bottom part falls no worry climbing platform doesn't fall. The trees only which have no limbs on its bottom trunk up to the height required are useful for climber tree stand.

Many different methods are there to connect the tree stand with tree, for this purpose wrapped parts are made up of thick cables or metals and also wrapped with the stand also with bolts or pins as well.
Types of climber tree stands

* So many brands and different design of climber tree stands are available. Most common brand of climber tree stand is lone wolf and also others are functional in market.

* Lone Wolf Alpha Sit and Climb Combo brand of lone wolf have very good and safe design and is made of metal having belts made up of polyurethane reinforced with steel cables. Unique property of this tree stand is that it can be folded easily to move from one place to another.

* The Summit Titan climber tree stand it is one of the easiest and safe tree stand which is easy to fit on the tree. It can be vary in size and weight according to the strengthen required.

* Loggy Bayou Quick Draw it is also a climber tree stands having pin and cable system for attachment with tree.

Uses of climber tree stands

Climber tree stands are most commonly used for deer hunting. It can be used when one would have the chance for hunting on different places because it can be transported from one place to other according to the requirement. Climber tree stands gives deer hunters the ability to transport their tree stand with them just like a backpack while find a suitable place for hunting
Climber Tree Stands

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Climber Tree Stands

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This article was published on 2010/12/25